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New York Sports Medicine Clinic

Our New York staff of dedicated and highly skilled professionals is available to deal with all types of sports medicine and orthopedic treatments. This is the cornerstone to a successful outcome. In addition, our affiliations with local Westchester Community Hospitals; Greenwich Hospital and the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, keep us at the forefront of our medical community.

General Information

In an effort to provide you comfort when you need it most, Dr. Cushner takes pride in providing you and your family with a friendly and caring office environment. Our staff will assist you in any way possible from the moment you contact our office, and most patients can be seen on the day they request.

We pay special attention to patient education. Every patient should have a thorough understanding of the medical options available so that an appropriate treatment plan can be developed. As your health care partner, we will provide you with all the information you need to make and informed decision about your treatment. This is the cornerstone of our practice.


X-Rays may be taken on site when necessary to treat your current orthopedic problem. However, we strongly encourage you to bring any recent X-Rays, pertaining to your current problem with you on your first office visit.


Our Physicians are participating providers for numerous insurance plans and our office staff can help you determine if our physicians are designated by your plan. However, in order to maximize your health care benefits, you will need to contact your plan directly. We accept Worker's Compensation, No Fault and Medicare plans.

All Billing is handled by our billing department. We can assist you quickly should you have questions regarding your account.


As a courtesy to other patients, 24 hours notice when canceling an office appointment is appreciated. When canceling a surgery, 48 hours notice is required, as we must notify the hospital or surgery center and additional surgical staff.

After Hours/ Emergency Care

In case of an after hours emergency, please call our 24-hour answering service at 914-831-4160. Your call will be forwarded and the physician will return your call as soon as possible.

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills require authorization by the physician. Requests should be called into your pharmacy as early in the day as possible, and your pharmacist will contact our office for approval. As a matter of policy, refill updates will not be authorized on weekends, holidays or after hours.

Our Community

The dedication of WMG's physicians to the Westchester County community extends beyond regular business hours. Our doctors serve as team physicians for Westchester County and the surrounding area. They also share their medical knowledge with the community through lectures and participation in local sports clinics. Some of our physicians have taken an active role in shaping medical legislation at both county and state levels.

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